Why I Put This “Real Estate Rocket Fuel” Site Together

Want to know what the Big Deal is about Real Estate Rocket Fuel?

Find out What it is, what’s in it, and what it means to you. Watch the video below…(the last minute contains the whole process of generating leads online)

Since you didn’t make it to the seminar, you’re probably wondering what’s on those DVDs – - and I’m going to do my best to tell you.

Remember – step by step instruction takes a little while. That’s why there is 6 hours on information. But that’s also a good thing. You can play these DVDs on your computer, watch how to do a step, and then pause the DVD and hop on the internet and go do it, and then come back to the DVD for the next step.

SO – here’s the “Inside Scoop”…

What if every listing you had showed up on the first page of Google? This course teaches you how to not only have your listings on the first page, but how to make sure that EVERY search result is YOUR page for your listings – and it’s free.

You’ll also learn how to drive traffic from other websites to YOUR pages and listings. (This will also work for the standard unupgraded version of Realtor.com). You’ll be able to set up multiple traffic funnels to each of your listings.

The course also includes step by step instructions for setting up lead capture forms. If you know how to copy and paste – you already have the skills you need to make this happen. Why pay for leads when you can capture your own?

You’ll also discover how to turn Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms into TOOLS that you can use to generate traffic and leads. Yes – there’s a few secrets and I lay them all out for you in step by step detail. If you think these are just “toys with noise”, think again.

I’ll be posting more of the tips on my Facebook Group – Real Estate Rocket Fuel - be sure and click the link and join the group.

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